Recent News:
The 2012 Christmas concert is coming fast! Talk to your favorite crew member for details.

Our latest CD "Clean-Up On Aisle 3" is still available on this website! Talk to a crew member or visit the online store here!
The WittMen Crew is Wittenberg University's all-men's a capella group. The Crew performs everything from sacred hymns to classic rock to current top-40 hits. Want to hear clips from the WittMen Crew? Click here to go to the Music page. 
Ushering in the new school year, it's your favorite A Cappella group! With a fresh batch of talent (in the shape of 6 strapping new lads), we are ready to rock campus yet again!

Visit this site or talk to a member for details on the upcoming Christmas concert, and congrats to the new fellas!
The 2012-2013 season has officially started!